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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

There’s only one day left of the Lilly Pulitzer sale and I do not want it to end! I started purchasing at 8:30 a.m. Monday morning; and let me tell you it was quite stressful. While looking through dresses, shorts were being taken out of my cart and while looking for tops, dresses were being taken out of my cart because things were selling out sooo fast!! The prices were sooo great, shift dresses for $59 and shorts for around $40! There is still tons on the website so go check it out¬†Here’s what I purchased:

Callahan shorts in the pattern Cabanna Pink Sunnyside
Callahan shorts in the pattern Cabanna Pink Sunnyside

I was so bummed to find out that the Buttercup shorts were already sold out. So I purchased my other favorites the Callahan shorts! They are great for school.

Delia Shift Dress in the pattern Sand Bar Blue Crash Landing
Delia Shift Dress in the pattern Sand Bar Blue Crash Landing

I am soo excited to wear this shift dress! I love the pattern and the price was unbeatable.

Middleton Palazzo  Wide Leg Pant in the pattern Resort White Sea Soiree
Middleton Palazzo Wide Leg Pant in the pattern Resort White Sea Soiree

I absolutely love palazzo pants and Lilly Pulitzer so what is better than Lilly palazzo pants? They are gonna be great for back to school.

Marigold Patchwork skort in the pattern Multi State Patch
Marigold Patchwork skort in the pattern Multi State Patch

My mom tells me that I have enough Lilly skirts, but come on you can NEVER have enough! Am I right ladies?? This skirt will go with so many different tops too!

I am very happy with all my purchases this year! Leave me a comment about your favorite thing and anything you bought or liked from the sale! Good Luck Shopping ūüôā


Back to School Essentials

The dreaded end-of-summer is almost here. This means attempting to go to bed earlier than 3 am, waking up earlier than 11 am, and of course back to school time. Most teachers give out lists consisting of notebooks, black and blue pens, pencils, and plenty of paper for all the grueling notes we will be taking.

However there is a list that your teacher didn’t tell you about:

Back to School Essentials

A sturdy book bag:¬†My school has a very large campus, so I don’t have time to go to a locker in between classes. The North Face book bags are very sturdy and comfortable for carrying around all my books and they come in tons of fun colors!¬†Patagonia¬†and¬†Jansport¬†have tons of options too.

Cute Lunchbox: Vera Bradley has always been my go-to place for lunch boxes. They fit all my yummy food and can even fit in my book bag. I also really like Scout lunch boxes, and these.

Raincoat and Rain boots: I have to walk outside to get to all of my classes and when it rains it is definitely no fun. My North Face raincoat and my Hunter boots have been a lifesaver. Patagonia (on sale!) and Columbia also have really cute raincoats.

School Appropriate Shorts:¬†If you live in the South like I do, you will know that it doesn’t cool down until about mid-October. Most schools have a rule about shorts, mine has the “fingertip” rule, I find that 4″ chino shorts fit the rules perfectly. J.Crew is my favorite place to shop for shorts.¬†Banana Republic,¬†Forever 21,¬†Loft, and¬†Gap¬†also have really cute choices.

New Shoes: I like to start the new school year with new shoes. I find that nude and camel colored flats match with everything and are perfect for fall. My favorites are definitely the Tory Burch Reva flats, but Nordstrom has lots of choices.

Agenda:¬†The first semester of high school I didn’t use an agenda, and I have no clue how I survived. Writing down all of my assignments, school sporting events and projects helps me sooo much! If you are ever in doubt about when to turn in something just check your agenda and BAM there it is! I debated between a¬†Kate Spade¬†and Lilly Pulitzer agenda but chose the Lilly one, and I’m so obsessed. Target and Walmart have super cute cheaper alternatives that are just as great!

Colorful Gel Pens: Color organizing my notes and my agenda really helps me out. Its also a pretty addition to the drab notes.

Pencils: This is super obvious but these What Would Blair Waldorf Do pencils are the cutest things ever!

Pencil Pouch: Also obvious but come on a cute pencil pouch is just the best. I purchased the Scout one above and it fits everything I need. Cute and functional, always great. Cosmetic bags also work as great pencil pouches.

Pop Up Brush: I received one of the brushes from a local boutique when I purchased a dress. It has honestly been a life saver! It fits so easily in my book bag and the mirror is great for makeup retouches.

Face Primer:¬†For me school is 7 hours long, meaning plenty of time for my makeup to come off. Before I put on my foundation in the morning I like to apply Benefit’s Stay Flawless primer. My makeup stays on throughout the whole strenuous school day.

Mascara: Long lashes=Big eyes. A good mascara completes your whole look.

Eye¬†De-Puffer: Long nights and early mornings are immediately what I think when someone mentions school. Staying up ’til the wee hours of the night finishing homework and projects does not help my under eye bags and circles. A squirt of Kiehl’s Facial Fuel under each eye will help you look refreshed and awake. The¬†Garnier Skin Renew Anit-Puff Eye Roller¬†also works super well.

Natural Lip Gloss: For school I like to wear a hydrating and natural colored lip gloss/balm. Baby Lips in the shade “peach kiss” is the perfect shade for school and its easy to apply.